Modern vs. Unmodern

By: Camilla Jenschke 2nd pd.

Purpose of this smore.

The purpose of this smore is to do a comparison of the Twelfth Man and Shes The Man, and give two examples off of the comedy ladder.

Elements of Shakespearen Comedy

Mistaken identity

In Shes The Man Viola is mistaken for her brother Sebastian.

In Twelfth Night Viopla is mistaken for brother cesario, who she thought was dead.

In both the movie and the play, viola pretends to be her brother so that she get whatever she is after, whether it be for soccer or for power.

complex plot

In She's The Man, the complex plot is when Viola's brother Sebastian Returns for his last soccer game.

In twelfth knight the complex plot is when Violas long lost brother, who she thought was dead turns out to be alive and well.

In both the movie and the play, viola's brother returns and Viola has to reveal herself.

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The Comedy Ladder

Farce in both the movie and the play

The farce in twelfth night is when Andrew thinks that Maria's name is accost.

The farce in Shes The Man is when Duke mistakes viola for her brother.

In both the movie and the play misunderstandings happen. Misunderstandings happen all the time.

Comedy of Ideas

In Shes The Man viola gets married to duke, and Toby and Eunice also get married.

In The Twelfth Night viola gets Married to Duke Orsino, and Sebastian marries Olivia.

In both the play and the movie viola ends up with duke, and sebastian ends up Olivia. the best kind of stories are the ones that have happy endings.