The Trojan war

Ancient Greece war

The Trojan war

One of the most famous ancient Greece wars was the Trojan war. It was so famous because of a huge wooden horse. The wooden horse was a gift to the Troy's from the Spartans. The idea came from a man called Odysseus The horse only had thirty soldiers in it which were able to kill everyone and capture the city, the wooden horse was thought to be a gift as a ‘we surrender’ from the Spartans, but the Trojans were deceived.

Huge grey walls surrounded the city of Troy where the Trojans were. Soldiers would stand at the top of this wall and shoot down arrows if any intruders would try to enter. These intruders were more a likely Trojans. The Trojans were at war with the Spartans

One day, a group of Spartans brought this huge wooden horse up to the gate of troy city. The Spartans left the horse there and sailed off. The wooden horse was huge, a piece of art created by one of the finest Greek artist.

The unsuspecting Trojans accepted the gift thinking it was a ‘we surrender, let us not have war’. They thought this because the Spartans were sailing off in search of new land, at least what the Trojans thought. So the soldiers went down and brought the wooden horse inside the city to the show the people of troy as a reminder of victory.

That night, after all the Trojans were exhausted from the celebration, and had fallen asleep, the thirty Spartans that were secretly inside the wooden horse got out of it and went to open the gates to the city of troy. When the Trojans saw the Spartans sail off earlier that day they thought they would not return, but that was all apart of Odysseus’ plan.

Outside the city gates was the awaiting Sparta army. That night the Troy's fell.


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