Presidential Flyer

Ryan Dore and Joe Peller

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Constitutional Requirements

  • The president serves terms of four years
  • During this time they must oversee the faithful execution of the U.S. Laws
  • Must take this oath "I do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of the president of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States
  • The president serves as commander in chief of the uU.S. Military as well as state militias when they are activated under federal command
  • The president can grant pardons, except in cases where someone has been impeached
  • The president can make treaties with other nations
  • The president can appoint Supreme Court justices, ambassadors and other public officers
  • The president can convene or adjourn both houses of congress of deemed necessary
  • The president must report to congress in a state of the Union address
  • The present must receive foreign heads of state and officials
  • Should the president be accused of a crime higher than an misdemeanors they can be removed through impeachment
  • President must purpose bills to congress
  • The president can block congressional bills from becoming law through the veto power

Salary, perks, and benefits of being the Presidents

  • the salary of the president is 400,000 a year
  • Free transportation in the Limousine, marine one, and Air Force one
  • Live in the White house
  • Personal chef
  • After president is done being the president still payed 200,000 a year
  • Health care, paid official travel and an office all paid for by government
  • Fully staffed house

Congressional Powers

  1. Can veto proposed legislation, forcing congress to pass it again with a 2/3 majority
  2. Commander in chief of the armed forces
  3. Ensures that the laws of congress are "faithfully executed"
  4. May pardon people convicted of federal crimes
  5. Make treaties with the advice and consent of the senate
  6. Meets with foreign heads of state
  7. Delivers the annual state of the Union address to congress
  8. Calls special sessions of congress when needed
  9. Commissions military officers of the United States
  10. Can issue special "executive orders" which are special laws that do not require congress approval

Power most important

We believe that the power of Commander in Chief is the most important. Because it takes a strong person to lead the military and the president needs to be smart and strategic to keep us and the citizens of America safe.

Leadership Qualities to run a Nation

  1. Strong
  2. Smart
  3. Passionate
  4. Good decision making
  5. Trust

Roles of the president

  1. Party leader Democrat, stack the senate with democrats, he will do things in their favor
  2. Commander in Chief they know what people want, they have never been in war they do not know what I actually happening everyday or what it does to your mind
  3. Chief executive to stop the funding of planned parent hood article II
  4. Chief of state when the president visited sandy hook after the shootings giving speeches about how we are a strong nation
  5. Chief Diplomat he recently went to France for the big Global warming talks, France has been our biggest allies and yes we still hold a strong relationshi

If we Were President of The United States

If we were president I would focus most on terrorism. It is a problem that has been around for to long. Our own citizens are being Attacked by other U.S. citizens who have been radicalized. Our allies have been attacked and it's not going to be to long before an American plane is blown up or a mass ground attacking takes place.

We believe that if we don't act now and get ground troops along with other nations or start to bomb them more it will come back to hurts. Minnesota is one of their largest recruiting targets. It is scary to think that the ideas they share are actually working on people and making them kill mass amounts of people.

If we act now we will be able to disable their communications. If we could do that they have would have to start from scratch and if we just kept bombing them till they are not existent than they would have no way to get the resources they need and Isis would no longer be a threat to American or any nations lives.