Thank You For Hosting!

I am so excited to be partying with you

Thank you for hosting a party!

I have put this together for you since I can't meet with you in person. It has all the information you need to be a successful hostess! I want you to have fun with your friends and together we can help them fall in love with Jamberry! Any party booked from yours gives you a half price coupon code once their party qualifies.

Your Hostess Packet

In your hostess packet you will find:

  • Catalogue and order forms - Outside orders are an awesome way to build up the sales of your party. Orders of $186 and over will get free shipping, so get orders from your friends and family and combining orders is a great way to save money. If you do collect outside orders you can go online and place the order and have it shipped directly to you.
  • 7-day challenge cards - I challenge you to find 10 ladies to do a 7-day challenge. I have provided you with 5 cards, I will mail out any other samples requests you may need. If you can get 10 ladies to take the challenge and share their photos in the party you will get a pedicure pack for free!
  • Manicure pack - This is for you! Put them on straight away and show off your nails to everyone! Also be sure to post a photo on your personal Facebook page before the party, and in the party once we get started. After a few days you might like to post another photo to show how your wraps are holding up.

How to make your party awesome!

How do we order?

Your guests can shop and order anytime at my website here: There is no special web address for your party, they simply select your party at checkout. IF someone forgets to select your party that is perfectly fine. I can attach it to you party so they just need to let us know. Also, once orders are place they are processed and shipped right away.

Contact me anytime

Feel free to contact me any time with any questions you might have!