TRMS Tech Clinic

Sept. 2014 Reflector/AirServer & Brain Pop's New Features

Would you like to use some engaging digital resources with your students and monitor iPad use better?

If so please join us for the September TRMS Tech Clinic. During the September TRMS Tech Clinic we will focus on Reflector and Air Server mirroring for the iPads and new features of Brain Pop.

TRMS Tech Clinic- September

Friday, Sep. 26th, 7:45-8:15am

TRMS Media Center

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TRMS Tech Clinic

Reflector/AirServer are mirroring software installed on laptops in the Ipad carts that will allow you to see and project what is on the iPads. These are great tools for monitoring students and sharing student work. Brain Pop has many new features including games, courses, lesson plans, and webinars.