Perfect Love's Sorrow

Helena's Mixed Tape

Love makes useless things beautiful.

Helena's view of love changes drastically throughout the course of the story. In the beginning, she feels betrayed by the fact that Demetrius abandoned her for her friend, Hermia. Later, she becomes torn by trying to get Demetrius back with her who no longer views Helena as nothing but merely a parasite that constantly clings onto her. His words were as harsh as his actions towards his former lover, breaking Helena's heart and fueling his anger towards Demetrius' new favored, Hermia. However, in the end, Demetrius' love return to Helena, piecing her distressed heart back together again. The theme for Helena here is to show how difficult perfect love can be achieved and the struggles of unrequited love.
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1) Beyoncé - Irreplaceable

Your Irreplaceable

Many lyrics of this song matches how Helena feels for Demetrius. She would probably listen to this song when she and Demetrius separated for good. However, she still had an itching feeling inside that she wanted him back by her side. She would listen to this song when she is still ambivalent about her former lover. The interpretation of the theme in this song shows the immense struggle and the feeling of uncertainty of how ready Helena is to give up her past feelings.
Beyoncé - Irreplaceable

2) Hatsune Miku - Love is War

"Lets begin, this is war! Oh to see you pleased with someone else."

This song's lyrics is so similar to the dialogue of Helena, its haunting. The song summarizes how Helena felt towards both Hermia in Demetrius once she found out about their relationship. Here, she is declaring "war" to Hermia, demonstrating that she will get Demetrius back no matter what it takes and then telling herself that she will do anything to get her former lover to recognize her. She would listen to this song to motivate herself to keep fighting till victory. The interpretation of the theme pushes her unrequited feelings even more.
「Moetron-Subs」 Hatsune Miku - "Love is War" 3DPV (English Subs)

3) Keyshia Cole - Shoulda Let You Go

"Just to think about it, I would do things that I would regret"

The song's lyrics emphasizes on how Helena felt when Hermia, Lysander, and Demetrius teamed up to "taunt" her in the woods by pretending to be in madly in love with her (they were simply victims of the flower's nectar). She was incredibly hurt by their merciless insults and wished that she should of let go of Demetrius before he could hurt her like this. She would probably listen to this song while she fell asleep in the woods the night they taunted her because it depicts her distraught feelings so well. The interpretation of the theme displays the flame of anger kindled deep inside Helena of betrayal and how she regret her pursuit to get Demetrius back.
Keyshia Cole - Shoulda Let You Go ft. Amina

4) Hatsune Miku - When First Love Ends

"I wanted us to connect, How did I desire that."

The song's lyrics and overall tone shows the sadness overwhelming Helena after her head was clear and that she realizes there was no way to get Demetrius. She was ready to give up and leave her past behind forever. She would probably listen to this song as she woke up from her sleep the night after Demetrius was affected by the nectar and realized that everything is over. She was ready to give up her unrequited feelings for Demetrius forever. The interpretation of the theme displays her final farewell and her desire to move on to the future.
「Moetron-Subs」 Hatsune Miku - "When the First Love Ends" (English Subs)

5) GUMI - Difficult Love

"The more I love you, the more I can't give up on love."

The song's meaning matches a lot with Helena's overall struggle with her feelings towards Demetrius and her persistence to get him back with her. Helena would probably listen to this song to comfort herself and give herself hope that just as long as she keeps trying, happiness will eventually come. The interpretation of the theme shows her deepening unrequited feelings and gives meaning that she will continue to try till the very end.
[GUMI] Difficult Love (Nankai Renai) english & romaji subbed [lyrics in description]

6) GUMI - Leave

"Full of affection I wanted to remember, I grew reserved."

The song's meaning shows a lot of feelings that she feels for Demetrius when he treats her badly. She would listen to this song to give her hope. The interpretation of the theme is her frustration with all the drama going around her. She wishes it would end and that Demetrius would come back to her.
[Eng Sub] Leave [GUMI]

7) Avril Lavigne - Complicated

"Why do you have to go and make things so complicated?"

Similar to the meaning of Leave, Complicated interprets most of Helena's feelings for the new "Demetrius" who treats her badly, nearly like an animal. She wishes for him to return to his old self and once again be together. She would listen to this song during the walk through the woods in the story to help her continue going.
Avril Lavigne - Complicated (Official Video)

8) Teresa Teng - 再見我的愛人 (Goodbye My Love)

"Goodbye my love, Goodbye."

Another song that Helena would probably listen to when she wants to give up on Demetrius and move on. It shows how much she treasure the time spent with him but now things have changed. She would probably listen to this song to help let go of him.
Goodbye My Love - Teresa Teng (w/ English Translation of Chinese Lyrics)

9) Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know

"Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over."

This is a perfect song to depict Helena's loneliness when Demetrius left him. She wishes dearly to get him back but knows, from the attitude he towards her, that it wouldn't be very likely. She would listen to this song when she wants to express her bitter feelings but knows that she can't.
Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know (feat. Kimbra) - official video

10) OneRepublic - Counting Stars

"I feel the love and I feel it burn."

This song shows perfectly of the dying love between Helena and Demetrius as nothing but a burning pile of mess, unable to be reconciled. She would probably be listening to this song when she is truly desperate for wishing Demetrius to be her's again, but knows that the wish won't come true.
OneRepublic - Counting Stars