Unit 2 Summative

Julia Preston

Section 1: Analysis

Human's migrate because of push and pull factors, these can be because of climate, weather, economy, family, politics, social life, and many more reasons. The top three that are "most popular" are because of weather/climate, economy, and family/social life. Another big idea in Unit 2 was how humans create cultural mosaics. When I hear the word cultural mosaic I think well what is a mosaic? A mosaic is a bunch of little small pieces that come together to make a picture. Now put culture in front and you get different ethnic groups, languages, and cultures that all make one group, society, or "picture." The last big idea in Unit 2 was how humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups. A social group is a group of people that share the same interests, qualities, and beliefs. Social groups help certain people be able to share their opinion without violence. The balancing conflict part is basically if you are in a conflict with someone than you have less power, but if you are not in conflict than you have the power, that is how the power and conflict is balanced. My prediction on future human migration is that we will continue to create more cultural mosaics, as that is influencing diversity. We will never have no conflict and perfect cooperation, but as there are more "cultural mosaics" we will start to see more social groups. An example of a cultural mosaic is in the future we will have many different ethnic groups, more languages spoken, and more cultures in our country and hopefully the world. An example of a small social group I am part of is my soccer team. We all share the same interest, soccer! I predict there could be a conflict between social groups in my life, for example right now Republicans and Democrats. There are so many different social groups and cultural mosaics, and I predict there will be even more in the future.

Section 2: Application

Real World Examples:

Humans migrate for so many different reasons, as I said in Section 1, but I will focus on 3. Weather/climate, economy, and family/social life are the top 3 push pull factors that stand out to me the most. In the real world, I think humans migrate because of push pull factors. In the real world, humans can migrate because of the weather and climate. If you lived in Florida and hated it being warm all year round, that could be your push factor. But then you look at New Hampshire and love that it has 4 seasons, that is your pull factor. The warm climate all year round is your push out of Florida, and the 4 seasons in New Hampshire is your pull factor to move there. It is not always about weather however, it can also be about family and your social life. In Florida maybe you lived there because your family was there but now they have passed away, so what is keeping you there? You have friends in New Hampshire, so now that your pull factor to Florida is gone because of your family, you now have a pull factor to New Hampshire because your friends are there. The next big reason for human migration is the economy and financial issues. The economy was once good in Florida and maybe now it is not. That is a push factor. Also you could have money issues and not afford where you are living and you see in New Hampshire the economy is good and living situations are better for me, that is a pull factor. This all explains how, where, and why humans migrate.

How power shifts in the real World:

The power can and will shift in social groups. Some examples of this are how sometimes the poor can revolt against the wealthy because they are done being bossed around and revolt. This is an example of power shifting because it was going from a group, the poorer, and the wealthier group having more power and the power switched because the poor didn't have more power and now they do. This is just one example of the groups but this happens between governments, other social groups, and even more.

How power shifts for positive and negative reasons:

Power can shift from different groups because of positive perspectives and negative. I can recognize that power shifts for positive reasons, like wanting a different leader. I can also recognize that power shifts for negative reasons. When a group wants to revolt on another group there can be violence involved, which is a negative shift.

Section 3: Transfer

Transfer Enduring Understanding to my life:

Human migration: Some people do not realize how and why human's migrate. I explained in the sections above, but this is how it connects to my life. For example, my family has migrated 4 times in the past 10 years for many reasons. The first reason we moved was because my baby sister was born so we needed more room. After we lived in the bigger house for 6 years, about, we moved because of financial issues. My older sister was going to college and it wasn't the best situation. When we moved from the big house we moved to a condo for not even a year to scope out other houses to buy. After that we found the right house for us. This is just a couple examples of how in my life, my family and I have migrated.

Cultural Mosaics: My entire family has created cultural mosaics that are special to our family. A cultural mosaic does not always have to mean a different ethnicity or race, but in our family we create new traditions, values, and even religions. Something we do every Christmas for example is a 'Yankee Swap' and that is one of our traditions that we do. Every year, on some holiday my family tries to make new traditions. We all have different religions and values and make that one big family. The same thing goes with soccer in our "social group." We all believe in different things and play different positions which makes us a diverse team.

Power Shifting in Social Groups: In my family we usually don't have a specific leader. Same with all the other social groups I am part of like soccer. In soccer we have team captains which are like leaders. Sometimes, our coach will choose different people to lead warm-ups, which is shifting the power between people. This is a positive shift of power as there obviously is nothing wrong with his decisions or violence involved. In my family, for different holiday's we host it at different houses and that is how the "power shifts," in a sense.

Role in Bullets and Ballots: My role in Bullets and Ballots was a Guerilla. In this game the Guerillas did not get much power and opportunities as other groups. This kind of gave us the hardest start, because no groups could trust us nor did we have any votes. To gain the trust of our social group to other social groups we made treaties and agreements. We sided with the Guatemalan Government and the Peasants. This gave us votes and more trust to the other social groups. The conflict that went on with other social groups was between every social group and the Army and Wealthy. The conflict was that everyone sided against the Army and Wealthy to take them down. The purpose of this game in my opinion, was to really show the multiple perspectives of a real world situation. In this game we the Guerillas had to migrate to the Peasants. We also learned how to balance the power between all groups, so no one group had more power over the other. I also explained before the cooperation and conflict between groups. I completely understand the connection between this game and the Unit 2 Enduring Understanding.