To New BFFs! ❤️

Korean, American, and everything in-between!

This may sound cheesy...

...but this vacation has turned out to be the best experience of my life. To be honest, I was a little skeptical when Mom told us we'd be going to an Asian country for our first international family vacation. I had never really given Korea much thought even though I knew I had distant relatives living there. Once I got there though, my cousins made us feel so welcome and we had a blast going to Karaoke rooms, KPOP concerts, shopping in markets, and trying new foods like corn and red bean flavored ice cream! (It's way more delicious than it sounds; trust me!) It opened my eyes and gave me a new perspective of the world because if you would have asked me what first comes to mind when I thought of Korea before, it definitely would have been old-fashioned Chinese stereotypes. Again, a big thank you to my cousins Wendy and Sonya. And another big thank you to Sungjae, Dongwoon, and Soojin for showing us the time of our lives! I'm excited to learn more about Korea and see you all again soon! 감사합니다!
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Talent industry!

Can you believe that there are quite a few famous people in this group of people who have come to be my friends? They are famous in Korea, but also have a large international fanbase! My cousin Wendy has done some modeling for the Korean makeup store Etude House, and she has been cast as minor characters for several Korean TV shows, where she initially met Dongwoon, who sings for the famous KPOP group BEAST! Fame runs in the family because Sungjae is Dongwoon's brother. He sings for the famous KPOP group BTOB. My cousin Sonya is getting her modeling start as an Ulzzang girl, but she wants to eventually join a KPOP group. While Wendy loves acting, she considers it more of a hobby. When she graduates college she wants to be a business language liaison for a large company or university. While Sonya wants to go into the music industry, eventually she will want to attend college to teach either English to Korean students or Korean to foreign students.

Here's my new friend Dongwoon in one of BEAST's newest music videos!

He's the one looking in the mirror with the red, white, and blue jacket.
BEAST(비스트) - 예이 (YeY) M/V

Here's my new friend Sungjae in one of BTOB's newest music videos!

He's the first one you see singing!
BTOB(비투비) - 괜찮아요 (It's Okay) Dance Ver M/V
Thank you again everyone for showing Brayden and I the best time in Korea! That includes my parents for taking us on this trip, and my mom's cousin Abbey and her husband for being amazing hosts!