PowerSchool Academy

Brought to you by PowerSchool Solutions

What is PowerSchool Academy?

It is an annual training event that is offered by PowerSchool Solutions (a consortium between Capital Area IU, Carbon Lehigh IU, & Montgomery County IU) as a local, low cost solution for PowerSchool training.

Monday, June 27th, 8am to Thursday, June 30th, 5pm

55 Miller Street

Summerdale, PA

Topics Include

  • PowerTeacher Pro - Presented by PowerSchool
  • PowerSchool Enterprise Reporting - Presented by PowerSchool
  • Attendance
  • Gradebook
  • PowerScheduler
  • Customizations
  • PowerSchool 101
  • Working with Data
  • ReportWorks
  • State Reporting
  • End of Year Process
  • Incident Management



SRC Solutions

More to come..

With State Reporting courses by Kris Wilkinson of PowerSchool


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PowerSchool Solutions

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