Nashville, Tennessee

The home of country music

The Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry is a great place for a family to visit. Even if someone in the family doesn't like country music all that well, they will still probably see a few country legends. The Grand Ole Opry is an amazing experience that the whole family will enjoy. Depending on the seats you get, the veiw will just get better.

The Country Music Hall of Fame

The Country Music Hall of fame is a great place for a family to go. There are many people to see perform there. Everyone in the family will enjoy seeing all of the awards that people have been given. Its just a great thing to see while you are in Nashville.

Tennessee State Capitol

The Tennessee State Capitol is a really cool place for a family to visit. Its really cool to be standing right next to it and know the information about it at the same time. Its a nice relaxing place to go visit because of all the nature and the buildings. The people there are very nice and that makes it so much more enjoyable.
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Tennessee gift shops

In Tennessee the gift shops are about 10 times bigger than the ones in other states. The verity of the things they have in some of the stores are insane. There are gift stores everywhere in Nashville. And even if you don't want anything, its cool to see what a Tennessee gift shop is like
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See a country singer in person

Even if you can't get tickets for the Grand Ole Opry, seeing a country star is still a great experience. Even if the singer isn't that popular, its still cool to be able to say that you saw a country singer in Nashville.
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Nashville TN by Drone in 4K


"The home of opportunities"~My Mom

"The home of country music"~My Dad