The best country in the world!

You should come to Taylatopia best country in the world.

Taylatopia is a safe, and Military will solve all of our problems that include: wars, fights against other countries, ect. Also Taylatopia

Taxes aren't to much.

Who will pay the taxes, everyone that has money of their own and makes money every year will, but they have to be over the age of 21 to pay taxes. You hardly have to pay any money it's only 20% of your money that you earn every year

going to make schools, streets, art, buildings and useful things for the whole community.


The Leader will be elected by the people they each get one vote every 3 years there is a reelection and the people vote if they want to keep the Leader or not if not then there will be a election for a new Leader and the old one may never run again. Also there is 2 branches of government they are all have equal powers. The Head Court Branch is lead by the Leader and is in charge of passing laws and recommending new ones also they are in charge of spending the taxes. There also is the Court Branch they are in charge of interpreting the the constitution and enforcing the laws on it.


The Leader is elected every 7 years and may continue running for as long as he/she likes until voted out of office or wants to quite. There is also a YES/NO reelection on the 3 year of working and the 6 year of working the YES/NO vote is where the people and government vote if they would like to keep the Leader as leader for the rest of the time period if more than 50% of the votes would like to get a new Leader then there will be a new election which the former Leader will not participate in once kick out of office that Leader may never get to run in the election or become Leader again. The leader is head of the Head Court.


Taylatopia can take only 10,000 immigrants each year. There will be a strict background check people must not have been to jail or committed a major crime(s).

The Constitution.

Crime can be punished by jail after a trial and found guilty. Military will fight against any wars and solve any problems problems involving wars and anything between our country and other countries. Everyone under the age of 18 must be in school but you must be over the age of 7 to start elementary.Animals and nature may not be destroyed by people this will result in fine. Any laws that are broken will be punished by jail or fines. Newcomers must have a strict background check and will be sent back if been to jail or committed a crime(s).