No Teacher Left Behind (NTLB)

If there is no teacher, there is no student.

Accountability Responsibility

Every teacher needs to be held accountable for the education of each student. They are responsible for every student acquiring, learning and accomplishing the knowledge and skills they set forth. The students cannot pass their competency assessments if they aren't taught by those who can themselves.

No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

NCLB supports standards-based education reform. By setting high standards and establishing measurable goals, schools can improve individual outcomes in education. These goals help teachers and schools realize the significance and importance of the educational system and how it affects the nation. Through AYP determined by these assessments each eligible school receives federal funding.

Refocusing the Important

Being Left Behind

Students are being left behind because of the lack of preparation and continuous accountability from those who are responsible for their education. When teachers are properly prepared students are more capable of being prepared. NCLB requires annual testing and so should NTLB. Certain practices such as this annual testing should be consistent across the country. A consistent standard provides equal opportunity to all students no matter the economic status of the school. Teachers who do not meet the standards will be placed on probationary periods until standards are met. Teachers can receive tuition reimbursement, classroom material stipends and free training as incentives to maintain classroom, school, district, state and federal standards.