How to prevent cuts in the Kitchen

Kitchen Saftey

Knife Safety

Knife Safety is important. You should always keep your knifes sharp. Using dull knife can be dangerous because you have to push harder just to get it to cut, which can cause an accident if the knife slips.

What NOT to do

  • Don't try to catch a falling knife.
  • ALWAYS use a cutting board , not you hand.
  • Wash knifes separate from other dishes.
  • Never cut toward others or point knifes at them

Preventing other cuts

  • Throw away chipped of cracked plates and glasses
  • Never pick up broken glass with your bare fingers
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Preventing accidents is important you should always care about what you use and how you use things in the kitchen. Accidents like these happen from people being careless and not being safe. Always pay attention to your tasks and use the right tool for each job. It is also important to keep your hair, loose clothing, jewelry, and things from dangling. These things can get tangled or catch on fire.
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