Hidden Valley Weekly Bulletin

Week of 11/16

Principal Point to Ponder

"Sometime sitting back and reflecting, is the best way to move forward"

We get caught up in the rush rush and excitement that the school day brings. Meet here, meet there, make copies, pick up my students, get to duty, email this person, call this parent, bathroom (maybe right!!) This week we are having our second round of common assessments. We can collect the data, sit back, reflect on how our students performed, and make those needed adjustments.

I am asking for everyone to really take the time to sit back and reflect on the data that we are going to get. Instead of moving at 110 mph how can we maximize our impact with doing things better. How are we using the TAs and support staff that come in to our room? How are we getting the best bang for our buck with small group instruction? How can we maximize time, by tightening up on our bathroom breaks or transition time? There is some great teaching going on around our building, and I want us to maximize that time.

As we get the data back, and you are meeting with your PLCs and Grade Level teams to plan for the next cycle of WIN time and small group instruction. I want us to sit back and reflect upon the following:

* Did what I did work for our students?

* How can I reach more students (if I pull 4 kids for small group, can I pull 5)

* How can I utilize the TAs that support my class? Are they coming in at the right time?

* Do I need to re-arrange my block to maximize TAs and small group instruction?

* What part of the day are my students misbehaving, or loosing motivation?

* What can we do to ensure that stamina of learning for our students?

Sometimes when we sit back and reflect, it is not about doing different things, but doing the things that we do differently.

Instructional Strategy of the Week

Ms. Steib has her students come to the podium to share with the class how they solved their missing addend math problems! What a great way to increase speaking and listening skills while sharing their thought processes during problem solving! Way to go Ms. Steib’s class!
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Acknowledgements and Reminders

* Great news!!! We have kicked off our inaugural Beta Club Food Drive here at Hidden Valley Elementary School. Beta Club is partnering with PTO for the Food Drive. We are collecting canned or dry goods from now until December 16th, 2015. So bring your goods in. You can see myself or any Beta Club member. Many of our students benefit from this drive--Thanks Mr. Busbee

* Remember to check out the ESL Website for the ESL strategy of the week.

*The Hidden Valley Elementary School PTO is excited to host its second School Spirit Night of the year. This event will be held at the McDonald's located at 1201 W. Sugar Creek Road on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. The key to a successful Spirit Night is having 50 or more friends and family members to visit and enjoy a meal during our designated time period. So come on out and join the fun and support our students by purchasing a meal. Remember to tell the person that is taking your order that you are there to support Hidden Valley Elementary School. All proceeds from Spirit Night will benefit Hidden Valley Elementary School.

*A huge Kudos for Ms. Long and Ms. Damewood who have come back in full force and hit the ground running. We are glad they are back and are looking forward to the great things they will be doing with their students this year.

* If your bulletin board needs some border repair, please take a look and make some adjustments. THANKS

* Shout out to all the staff members that came out to Chik-Fil-A on Thursday, and promoted this night to their students, we raised over $130.00.

* We will have a garbage bag hanging on the playground. Please have your students pick up one piece of trash, so we can assist in keeping it clean.

* All lesson plans should be updated and turned into the right person, so they can be posted on the I:// drive by Monday.

* If you are going to be out sick, and find out that morning. Please call Mr. Lungarini at 773-576-7663. Do not email or call the school. NO EXCUSES.

What to Expect This Week

Monday 11/16 (Day 5)

- Common Assessment Math- see email from Mr. Nash for testing accommodations

-Wear your school colors

Tuesday 11/17 (Day 1)

-Common Assessment Reading- see email from Mr. Nash for testing accommodations

- Tie Tuesday

- McDonald's Spirit Night (Sugar Creek and 85)

Wednesday 11/18 (Day 2)

- CIS meeting in the Media Center- Visit from Ann Clark

-NO FORMAL STAFF MEETING- use this time as a DDI day to get in your teams to analyze your data

Thursday 11/19 (Day 3)

- Muffins for Moms 9am

Friday 11/20 (Day 4)

- Make up Picture Day

- Wear Jeans and a college shirt ( I saw some jeans and no college shirt this week, please let this be a reminder of our Friday jeans day)