Confucianism and Toaism

Kaleb Kimbel


Confusianism and Toaism are similar because they both originated in China, they both practice filial piety, and they both use stories from people in the past as there basis of belief.


Toaism uses stories from Laozi's life to guide their own lives. They also focus on worldly goals even though they believe in life after death.

Confucianism uses stories from the their past as the fundamentals of learning. They believe in afterlife but say it is impossible for the human brain to understand so there is no reason to worry about it at all.

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Government and Confusianism

A government based on Confusous ideas would look similar to China. The officials in charge would be opposed to change, they would look down upon other beliefs in the world, and they would be reluctant to change.

They would also be very peaceful, united, and have good intentions.

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Families and Confusianism

Chinese families would be influenced by Confusianism because they would practice ideas such as filial piety. The children in the family need to take care of there parents. They would also have different roles in there family than we do.
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Toaist Principles

The teachings of Taoism are still very relevant today. They are universal truths that will be applicable to people for a very long time.

All of the Taoist principles connect to each other because they all point toward being content and trying to learn more about yourself.