LAF Update

October 14th

Join the LAF Tech Team

Mr. Freyre introduced the LAF Tech Team to the students this week during LAF Live. If your child is interested, please direct them to the survey just below Mr. Freyre's video.

PTO News

Book Fair - October 18th-21st

A great tradition continues at Lafayette, Eat and Shop at the Book Fair! Shop anytime from 3:15-8:00pm on Tuesday, October 18th. From 5:00pm-8:00pm Oink and Moo BBQ truck and the Ice Cream truck will be onsite with food for purchase. They will have plenty of food available and you’ll have no need to cook! This is a wonderful night for the LAF community and we can’t wait to see you there!

The Book Fair is always an exciting time for our students! The children will preview the books in school on Tuesday the 18th and create a wish list. You may send cash or check in with your child for the books you wish to purchase. Please make all checks out to LAF PTO. Each class will have an assigned time to shop between Wednesday and Friday during the fair. A proceeds benefit the Lafayette Library Media Center. Mae Hacking and Terry Cooper have done an amazing job arranging this great event!

Our Book Fair requires many volunteers. Please sign up today at

King Arthur Bread Bake

King Arthur Flour will be visiting LAF next Thursday Oct. 20. Our students will learn to make bread from scratch. After the assembly King Arthur provides each student with ingredients to take home and bake two loaves; one to keep and enjoy and one to share. LAF will be donating bread baked by our students to a local soup kitchen. Volunteers are needed to come in for about an hour Wednesday Oct.19 at 9am to help distribute flour to all the homerooms.


Just a reminder: ASE enrichment classes begin this Tuesday, October 18th. Please review your dismissal plans with your child and if picking up, you can meet him/her in the front lobby at 4:15pm sharp.


Our final practice will be Monday, October 17th. Race day is right around the corner on Monday, October 24th!! Look for race day details soon. Please remember to make a plan with your child about how they are getting home after practice. CCD kids are dismissed at 3:45 to the LAF carpool circle. All other children are dismissed at 4..please remind them if they are walking home or if they will be picked up in the carpool circle. Thank you!!


This year’s rummage sale will take place on Saturday, November 19th. This great event requires many volunteers. Please consider signing up at Early donations will be accepted on Saturday, November 5th from 12:00pm-2:00pm at 14 Pembrooke Road (Chatham Township) and 1 Maple Street (Chatham Township). Thank you to Carole Bhalla and Barb Marshall for this very special event!

Halloween - Apples


Sliced apples will also be served at the Halloween Parties this year.

King Arthur Visit

On Thursday, October 20, 2016, Lafayette School students will participate in the Bake for Good: Kids Program, and learn that math, science, reading, and baking know-how add up to delicious bread! Your student will come home with two bags of King Arthur flour (a gluten free option is available), a Bake for Good: Kids recipe booklet, Red Star yeast, a King Arthur Flour dough scraper, a bread donation bag, a twist tie, and newly-learned bread baking skills. With your support, and perhaps a little guidance, we hope they will bake with confidence. (As your new baker will tell you, it takes about 3 1/2 hours!)

On Monday, October 24, 2016, please return one loaf of bread in the bag provided to school. The bread will be donated to Eva's Kitchen (serving the homeless), The Father English Center (serving youth, adults, and families in need), and the Community Soup Kitchen. You and your baker keep the other delicious loaf (or cinnamon rolls or pizza or dinner rolls) to enjoy!

To learn more about Bake for Good: Kids or to watch the free online BFGK video presentation, please visit the website at

New Dellwood Avenue Parking Instructions

On September 12th, Chatham Borough Council passed new parking ordinances on Dellwood Ave to keep our students safe as they exit the footpath behind Lafayette School.

The ordinance essentially moves the parking back two house frontage widths from the crosswalk on the borough side of the crosswalk. The borough and township boundaries meet at the crosswalk, with the borough on the Fairview Ave. side and the township on the Longwood Ave. side.

The new borough safety rule was enacted to improve drivers’ ability to see our children, because driver line of sight to the footpath exit is blocked by a bend in the road. This new ordinance says "No Stopping or Standing" in this pedestrian safety zone, on both sides of the street. This means cars can neither park nor stop briefly to let a child off, nor wait with an engine idling, from 3:00-4:00 p.m. in within about 200 feet of the crosswalk.

On the township side of the path after school, the rules remain the same. There is one side of the street parking after school. Parking is allowed on the school side but not on the non-school side after school. If you are driving from the Township side after school, please consider driving to Fairview and then coming up Dellwood Ave. in order to park on the school side in the township without doing a K turn on Dellwood.

In addition, on the township side, please follow the standard New Jersey law that says you cannot park within 25 feet of a crosswalk. This is, again, to allow driver visibility of the children coming out of the footpath.

Walking on lawns: While most adults would prefer to walk in the street rather than on private lawns, children and adults, in order to avoid walking between parked cars and the 2 way traffic on Dellwood, are permitted by law to walk in the utility easement, which is a 10 foot wide strip from the curb.

Please see the attached map, where green means parking is ok after school and red means no parking. Borough road signs will change in early October to indicate the new rules.

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Food Drive

This week marks the beginning of our holiday food drive. Please consider picking up one or two of the items listed below to support our neighbors in need. This drive will run through the month of October. Just two items from each LAF family will total over 1200 items to donate. Thank you in advance for your participation. Please send in all donations by November 4th.

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