WANTED: Famous Chemist



What should be included in your project?

1. The first, middle and last name of your scientist.

2. A mug shot (picture of your scientist).

3. Years living (examples: 1901-1959; 1973 - ?)

4. Their field of study (for example: biology, zoology, marine biology, botany)

5. The country they were born in.

6. Where they did / do their work.

7. A description, in your own words, of what your scientist is most famous for/How have they made "our" lives easier with their research, inventions or accomplishments.

8. Pictures, graphics or illustrations of what your scientist is famous for.

9. A paragraph, in your own words, explaining how their accomplishment has benefited the world.

10. Two interesting facts about your scientist.

11. A quote by your scientist

12. A place named after your scientist (may not apply)

13. School(s)/Universities attended

14. Awards won (if none, be sure to mention it)

Display of information

1. Your work must be attractive.

By attractive I mean neat. If your handwriting is sloppy you should type it. You should have proper spelling and complete sentences. Capitalization and punctuation is also required.

2. Your work must be colorful.

I should see vivid color. Use markers, paper and other supplies to enhance the overall look of your final product. When looking at your project the class should say, “you really took the time to make your project”.

3. Your project must be creative.

Think of ways to make your project stand out from the crowd. Use all of the space available to you.

4. Your project must be informative.

In order to meet this requirement you must complete all of the research on your assigned scientist. You should think carefully about how they benefited the world and present this to your readers so that they believe that your scientist is truly a FAMOUS scientist.

WHO Are My Options!?!

Pick one of the following chemists.

Amedo Avogadro John Dalton Dimitri I. Mendeleev

Joseph Black Humphry Davy Linus Pauling

Robert Boyle James Dewar Louis Pasteur

Robert W. Bunsen Peter Deybe Joseph Priestly

Melvin Calvin Emil Erlenmeyer William Ramsay

Henry Cavendish Michael Faraday Ernest Rutherford

Marie Currie Antoine Lavoisier Carl W. Sheele

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