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December 2021


It's hard to believe we are already in our last week before Christmas Break. This year has been tougher than most, if not all other years, in so many ways. What has continued to be consistent however, is the care and compassion offered to our students. We have visited almost all of the schools in the last two weeks to visit with students. We have heard loud and clear that our students feel loved and have trusting adults to go to. This is huge cause for celebration and appreciation. Thanks to all of you for helping our students feel loved and supported. The holiday season can be one of the hardest times of year for some of our students. Fear and angst about getting or purchasing gifts, stressed parents who are struggling to pay bills, depression on-set by the dark, cold, and wet weather. We see all of it and more in December. Thanks for continuing on and doing your best to serve all students.

Wishing you all peace, joy, time with family, and treasured memories made over this holiday break.



Family, friends, and TSD9 employees came together to honor the legacy of TSD9 board member and former Wilson River teacher Mike Gardner. A tree was planted in front of the Wilson School building as a remembrance. Mike's grandchildren participated in setting the tree as memories were shared by family and TSD9 staff members. Mike had a positive influence in the district and will be remembered with a smile.


The Tillamook PUD Light Brigade (funded by the PUD employee fund) donated $500 each to Liberty, South Prairie, and East Elementaries as well as the Jr. High and High School this month. The funds are to be used for student needs as they arise. We appreciate this generous donation!!!
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At Liberty, we are privileged to be able to provide the first time experiences for many special activities and events for our students across their K-12 career. And this month we had many of these firsts that we got to share. This month, we had their first dress-up day (pajama day), their first half day, and their first Thanksgiving feast. Our students experience the excitement and joy of these first experiences together and create special memories that they will carry with them for a lifetime. Working with 5 and 6 year olds and repeatedly seeing the world through their eyes is awesome and inspiring!
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Sixth grade East Elementary School students worked with Eric Sappington (local artist) and Wilson students to create tile mosaics for the front of East Elementary School. The design represents our coastal community and will welcome our families and showcase our students.

We appreciate all our community partners that helped make this project happen. All ceramic tiles were donated from Lawrence Adrian of the Oregon Coast Children’s Theatre, and all other materials for the signs were paid for with federal funds through the Title III grant.

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Mr. LoBasso and Mr. Owen’s World History classes are studying ancient civilizations this month. Our 7th graders are learning about different cultural practices and how they vary in each society. Right now, they are focusing on life in ancient Egypt and the rituals related to the mummification process. As part of the unit, our students have “mummified” stuffed animals as they begin their journey into the afterlife. Students have hidden the mummies in the Valley of the Kings (a.k.a., TJHS). Tomb raiders (all students and staff at TJHS) are on the hunt for these mummies. If found, the mummies can be returned to our social studies teachers for a small treasure. If you find yourself in the Valley of the Kings be on the lookout for a mummified teddy bear! Cue the Indiana Jones theme music...
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THS wrapped up a successful Fall Sports Season this month with Football, Volleyball, Boy’s Soccer, Girl’s Cross Country, and two individual male qualifiers (Augie Giingerich and Devin Franske) in Cross Country making it to the state playoffs. Below are pictures from one of our hallway pep rallies sending teams off to the competitions.

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