announcing petite scones

delicate people rejoice

Our scones are delicious.

Most of us know that.

Unfortunately not everyone does. It recently came to our attention that we had neglected an unserved group: the delicate. Delicate eaters everywhere were overwhelmed by our mini sized scones. The regular, not even a consideration.

It is not our way to be exclusive. And so we set to work immediately righting this wrong. Our bakers worked day and night (fortunately they are not too delicate, we wouldn't let them go home) and finally, we are ready to offer you our new petite scone. Same flavors - blueberry, cranberry, cinnamon, chocolate chip, all with or without walnuts - but in a new tiny size.

Can you still order the regular size? You sure can. How about the mini? Always available. We're just adding on an additional size.

Interested in giving them a try? Only $7 per dozen. Send us an email at and let us know how many dozen you'd like.