Be True To Dover

May Newsletter- Volume 1

Vote NO on Monday, May 15th from 7 am- 8 pm- Dover Town House

On Monday, May 15th VOTE NO on the MBTA Lease question on the ballot.

Your NO vote will advise the Board of Selectmen that they should not sign a 99-year lease with the MBTA.

Dover citizens have not been presented with the final terms of the lease. The Town has already spent over $56,000 on legal fees related to the MBTA negotiations. Giving the Selectmen full authority to negotiate, without further input from citizens, is a bad idea!

Absentee Ballots- Due Monday at 8pm!

Be sure your vote is counted!

1. If you will be away on Monday, you may go to the Town Clerk's office, fill out an application and vote right there- in office.

2. If you are filing for a family member, please fill out the application ASAP! Time is needed to mail the application to the person voting. The ballot must be returned by Monday, May 15th at 8 pm. You may not take a ballot home from the Clerk's office for your family member- it must be mailed.

Your BALLOT (not just the application) must be completed and received by the time the polls close (8 pm) on Election Day, according to the Town website.

The Town Clerk is open M/W/F from 9-1 and Tuesday/Thursday 9-4.

Vote "NO" using an Absentee Ballot.

Cast your vote for Tom Piemonte for Board of Selectmen!

It is exciting to have a contested race for the Board of Selectmen!

The current chair has publicly announced her full support of the Rail Trail development. Many emails are circulating by the Friends of the Greenway endorsing her as their candidate. When she was nominated at the Town Caucus, her rail trail position was the main reason listed for why she deserves the position on the Board.

Tom Piemonte is running against the current chair. Tom and his family have lived in Dover for 30 years. A letter from Tom, mailed this week, to all residents says that he is committed to listening to all Dover citizens using an "inclusive approach" to Town issues. Be True to Dover members have not experienced an inclusive approach, thus far.

Tom is not a one issue candidate. He has smart ideas on recycling, taxes, Dover's free cash, and programs for the elderly.

It is time for a change. It is time for a leader who will listen and represent all Dover citizens. Tom has reached out to Be True To Dover and the Friends of the Greenway. Yet, Be True To Dover has not heard from the current chair.

Dover needs new leadership.

Dover needs a new perspective.

Dover needs someone who will represent EVERYONE.

Vote for Tom Piemonte for Board of Selectmen on Monday, May 15th!

How can you help?

1. Cast your private ballot on May 15th and Vote NO.

2. Cast your vote for Tom Piemonte for Board of Selectmen.

3. Email betruetodover@gmail to make a donation to our cause.