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My favorite sport is soccer, because everyone is able to have equal game time.
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Pearson Specter

To whom this Notice may concern. This Notice is being sent by Pearson Specter Law Firm.

As you may know, your latest model of the BlackBerry Passport is known to have many bugs and issues within the software of the device. As this issue continues to become a genuine problem, a client of my firm has experienced an unfortunate problem with his device. An extreme problem to be accurate. Therefore my Client has decided to press a Law Suit with no counter offers against your company.

The reason why my client has decided to press charges against your Company, since his BlackBerry Passports information and banking account was easily revealed and stolen because of the lack of security system that your company was capable of including, but has decided not to. This action has resulted in my client losing thousands of dollars from his banking account, blackmail, fraud, sexual assault, and a stolen identity and much more unfortunate actions that we are willing to mention during our hearing in court.

As you may know my client is willing to fight against you in court, but has decided to come up with an offer that if you choose to not accept will result in a very complex law suit. My client also has decided not to take this public and not to support others with the same issue, also speak negatively about this issue to press. Now we both know this issue will harm the image of your company. The counter offer that we are drawing up is. Our client is to receive double the amount of funds that was in the banking account, a free warranty for all future items to be purchased. Also and Equity of .25% of the warranty department. We would appreciate it if we are able to arrange a meeting to resolve this issue appropriately.

Yours truly,

Mahdi Almusawi

Mahdi Almusawi's 15 Birthday

Wednesday, Nov. 4th, 9-11pm

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