10 Frame Fill

Classroom Focused Software

Background Information

-Classroom Focused Software

-Augusta College, Rock Island, IL

-Randy Hengst Ph.D: Professor of Education

-Mike Egan Ph.D

-Developed as a part of the NumberSense Project

"Number Sense is an effort to help kindergarten and first-grade students at nearby Longfellow Elementary School gain the basic number sense they will need to be successful as they move through the elementary school math program. Dr. Mike Egan and I have teamed up to create classroom software that helps Longfellow teachers and our clinical students working at Longfellow. Last year, we provided iPods loaded with Number Sense software apps. This year we have added several iPads to the mix. We’ve also had two Augie Choice-related extensions to the program, involving students investigating how the software might be used in conjunction with more traditional math instruction methods and activities. The next step is turning our students into what I’d call App idea generators. They provide us with suggested modifications, but I’m looking forward to getting new ideas for teaching applications from our students.”


How It Works

1-Click the yellow frame

2-Blue dots will appear in the 10 frame

3-You will take see how many more make 10

4- The yellow/orange dots are to assist in filling the frame if needed

5-It lists the answer in words so that you can visually represent the answer in numbers.

Math Concepts:

-Developing Number Sense: This helps students have a better understanding of base ten frames as well as growing their number sense.

-Great for K-2

-Helps students work with technology in an educational way.

Pros, Cons and Questions


- Develops number sense

-Students become familiar with educational technology


-If you could pace numbers in the base ten then it could be used as a manipulative. Since it automatically puts numbers in you can not explore.

- Can get repetitive or boring.


-How did you come to find the answer 5?

-What If there was only 3 in the base ten, how many would it take to fill?