What Is Fiverr.com

What Is Fiverr.com

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What Is Fiverr.com

Fiverr.com is the largest online marketplace for services start at $ 5.Basically it is a site where you can post some services we can offer you and others come to buy. A lot of people buy and sell services (and products) daily through Fiverr.

It is estimated that monthly over 2,000,000 people and this figure using Fiverr him the title of leader in the field.

Fiverr services are available on a wide range. You can find the service to promote business, social networking and advertising to videos funny, graphic design, translations and more.

The services offered called gigs , I call in Romanian gigs. You can find anything you want on Fiverr and when I say everything, even talking very seriously.

To be a part of the community just create your free account. Once you have logged into your account, you can already sell your services or buy your services to others. It's no hassle. By this differs Fiverr by oDesk or other sites freelancing?

On Fiverr customers looking for you and you do not need to create a profile to provide complex services. Simply add a gig (you can add up to 20) and then is automatically published and available to millions of people. If you have no idea what you can offer, I wrote an article presentsnine ideas that you can offer services on Fiverr.com

There are people who earn enormous well of Fiverr and everything is inreputation that I do. If you provide quality service, you will receive positive feedback, some reviews that aim to differentiate yourself from those who are not so good or not providing quality services.

Winnings can be withdrawn through PayPal with a single click, without bank accounts or other complicated methods or unsafe.

What is the full path to client money from your pocket?

1. The customer sees your job and his money go and buy Fiverr account

2. You ship a customer order and then marked as completed, if you did a good job, of course Description: :)

3. For 14 days money are Fiverr account the “clearance ", ie waiting (e Fiverr policy)

4. After these 14 days you can withdraw money at the push of a button your account Fiverr.

5. money into your PayPal account from which you shall be retained as the maximum $ 1 fee.

6. You can withdraw money from PayPal account attached to your card.

7. When you withdraw in PayPal (cash withdrawal card), and are retained $ 2.5 and your money is transferred within 3 working days.

Fiverr gives you practical possibilities boundless to make money. If you're a little creative and persevering, you're perfect for working on Fiverr.com

There are hundreds and even thousands of success stories on Fiverr sellers. Some of them boast that they have even bought houses earned money on Fiverr.

No need to be an expert in a field but have to like what you do. I recommend to read your eBook written by me “I, freelancer ... "to read about my story and my early next Fiverr (I personally I resigned from the job to be done Fiverr fulltime).

I recommend you read my eBook before you grab Fiverr to study and make your ideas about what to do. If you need help or have questions, you are welcome comments section below and I promise to answer your question in as much detail.

I wish you much success and I look forward to hear your success story on Fiverr.com