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We would like to invite you to be part of an exciting opportunity to help develop new curriculum for an out-of-school program. The Knowledge Project (KP) is creating out-of-school programs for Elementary School children in South-East Vancouver. We are looking for teachers, preservice teachers, sustainability experts, community-based educators, and parents to join a Curriculum Study Group to help create a local sustainability focused curriculum that will be running in June 2013. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in learning how research can inform curriculum development and out-of-school programming. The Curriculum Study Group members will have the chance to engage with other professionals, work collaboratively, and contribute to the local community in the development of a novel sustainability and integrated science curriculum.

What is the Knowledge Project Curriculum Study Group?

  • A collaborative group that considers research findings, literature, and their own expertise to develop curriculum for the Knowledge Projects first program (June 2013)
  • Professional and non-professional educators and scholars, from the formal, informal, and non-formal learning sectors all working together
  • A group that meets every second tuesday in April and May 2013 for dinner and to help plan an awesome program!

Why join the Knowledge Project Curriculum Study Group?

  • Interested members may have the opportunity to be hired as leaders for the KP programs.
  • Help to shape the direction of a major research project with your ideas and input
  • Meet other community organizations, enthusiastic teachers from the UBC teacher education program, and more members of your community
  • Build capacity for educational opportunities in your organization
  • Create a curriculum that will impact children in June
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What is the Knowledge Project?

The Knowledge Project (KP) works with local, Vancouver community organizations, public elementary schools, experts, and UBC, to design out-of-school programs building on the knowledge children have and the learning they have done within their homes. This may be thought of as funds of knowledge, and can include such knowledge of: cooking, carpentry, budgeting, farming, marketing, business skills, growing food, and child-care. Funds of knowledge are different for each child, household and community, and they may help children to be successful in their lives.

KP programs are designed by studying the learning that children do at home and in their community and in talking with parents about the knowledge that they share with their children. The KP research team is embarking on community conversations, household visits, parent questionnaires, child questionnaires, to gain insights about the funds of knowledge in a South-East community in Vancouver.

KP programs build on particular household funds of knowledge, and the Vancouver School Board’s interest in sustainability and integrated science. Programs may include such themes as: gardening, composting, recycling, water use, local plants and animals, power and energy use, and urban transportation. The KP aims expand children’s life option and school successes. We are hoping to contribute to sustainable communities through strengthened connections between home, school, and out-of-school programs. The first program for Vancouver elementary students is planned for June 2013.


Are you interested in participating in the Knowledge Project Curriculum Study Group?

Please rsvp to and let us know if you are able to make it.

  • Yes, I can attend the April 2 meeting at 6pm (location to be determined)
  • I cannot attend on April 2, but am still interested in participating.
  • Sorry, I cannot participate at this time
Please contact us if you have questions.

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