Digital Lit Final Exam

By:Alejandra Quinonez

Digital Footprint

A Digital Footprint is important because it is a reflection on your Social Media.

  • It can help you with your career
  • It is a reflection about yourself on Social Media
  • But it also can be harmful and negative to your life

My Digital Footprint Consist Of Twitter

  • I used twitter for school purposes and personal uses
  • My Digital Footprint consists of Twitter, Instagram, and Blogger
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Twitter is used for Gossip,Interaction with others, for school purposes, and to find out what your friends do over the summer and regular days.

  • Twitter for personal uses and school purposes
  • It can impact your digital footprint because you can put bad stuff and it can make your digital footprint be harmful by have people look at it and they think negative thoughts on you

Identity Online

  • Post Quality Images
  • Post about your hobbies
  • post about charities you do after school

I learned this semester

I've learned that maintaining a digital footprint by posting positive things about our school, having positive things online, and not being negative