Cedar Heights: Y-Care

Ms. Kei-Che, Ms. Dee, Ms. Erica, Mr. Austin, Ms. Kelsey

Wonderful parents of Cedar Heights Y-Care:

It is now "Giving Gifts" season. On Dec. 22nd, 2015, We will be having a White Elephant Party. All students are encouraged to bring a gift in on Thursday, Dec. 17th. I will be purchasing wrapping paper and we will learn to wrap gifts together.

If for any reason, a student is not able to bring a gift, I will also supply extra gifts to ensure everyone goes home with a little warmth in their hearts.

What: White Elephant Party

When: Dec. 22

*Bring gifts to Y-Care: Dec. 17th

What time: 4pm


Fun Days at the Y.

December 23, 28,29, 30: 6:30-6pm

Ms. Kei-Che is competing with the other Site Coordinators for a Panera gift card. The school that recruits the most students for Winter Break-wins! If parents ever need to contact me, Phone: 319.493.4957. Email: randlek0413@icloud.com