Homeless Bird

Gloria Whelan

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Before we left Varanasi, Sass purchased a cheap white cotton sari for me."its a widow wear,"she said

Brief Summary

In the story "Homeless Bird" written by Gloria Whelan, talking about a little girl name Koly. In India, every girl at the age of 13 have to get married, but as the same time, it means leave home forever. The wedding day is supposed to be a happy day for all girls in the world, but in Koly case, it was different. She expected a older, and nicer groom. On Koly's wedding day, she finds out that the groom was same age as her and that he was really sick. The groom's family only wants Koly's wedding dowry to save their only son. Even though they tried their best, they could not save Hari because his sickness was so strong to the point that no medicine could cure him. Koly life turned upside down. From being a girl that should enjoy her married live, she became a widow.

Journal of a Bird

Another Brief Summary

Koyl's parents found a boy from another town Koly felt happy and sad. A part of her hoped that it would be someone successful and other part of her didn't want anyone to take her away from her home and her parents, brothers. She was nervous. Day came to her marriage day, she was sad that she was leaving home and almost cried then her parents let her go. When she stayed at the house of her in laws she was really nervous and she had a doubt on her in laws because they would never let her meet her husband saying that he is really ill. Then day by day it all got better and it was good.

Character Snapshot

In the story "Homeless Bird" written by Gloria Whelan. Koly is a brave and smart girl. She is a fast learner when her sassur teach her how to write and read. She also able to finish the form all by herself when she go to the city. She find a courage to find a job that suited her talents. She also find courage to find against Mala.

Original Claim

In the book named Homeless Bird there is a girl named Koly she seems really nice because she was shy and nervous when she meet new people. Koly seems really nice and a sweet little girl because of the way she talks. From the inside she is happy and scared to get married.From, the outside she is braver than she seems and smarter than you think. These are few opinions I have about Koly.

What we learn from the book and how the character relates to all of us.

In the story, the character relates to all of us by being force by our parents. Sometime, we being force by our parents to learn a subject that we don't know or like. She being force by her parents by arranged married. She also being brave when she decided not to give up when her sass treated her badly. What we learn from the book is that being brave and not to give up halfway because you don't know what you gonna achieve if you give up halfway.