Deadly Waters

A mystery in Everglades National Park...

Main Characters

Jack, Ashley, Bridger, Steven, Olivia, and Gordon the Evil.

Chapter 8

When Jack, Ashley, Bridger and the parents were inside the Captain's table they spotted a boat that looked exactly like Gordon's boat. Jack Ashley and Bridger went out side to check the scene. They saw a man that looked like a clone of Gordon, with no beard. Jack saw his camera and he took it. The man walked up to them with a gun and told them to get into the boat...

The book cover.

Chapter 9


The Everglades Sheriff's office arrives at the scene, and Gordon throws his hands up. Bridger, Ashley and Jack tell the police officers what happened, but the police officer wasn't 100% sure they were telling the truth. The parents came out and said that they are trustworthy kids. After the crew went to sleep, Jack woke up at 3:37 AM (he looked at his watch) and his finger blocked the hour slot. It said :37. He remembered he had 37 roles on his camera, not 36, and it showed a part of Gordon's boat..