I am for the religious government of Theocracy.


There is a group of people in a church and government are not separate. They both organize the country and manage it. The Laws are simply based on religious beliefs or church policies. Laws are made by the judicial branch and it bases its judgements on that religion. (for laws)

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Citizens Rights

The rights of the people in a theocratic government vary widely. Theocracy is often connected with totalitarian gov. The government controls all the aspects of life in this gov. Including: Politics,economy, culture,religion and the private lives of citizens. So no the people in a theocratic gov. may not vote.


I am in favor for this government because it is a good source of citizens ship and it is more well rounded less crime and its a good way to keep us in order and out of trouble.

Who, What and How?

A god or deity.

They rule the country by this state religion

They are elected or appointed or chosen by religious customs to Theocracy such as a dalai lama reincarnated.


Examples of countries that currently have this type of government.

Islam, Saudi Arabia, Ancient Egypt. These are 3 of the examples of a government that are under this government!

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