Smore Project

Modern Era 1750 - 1900 By Pelumi Aderinokun

1793 Chinese reject British request for open trade

  • Emperor Qianlong
  • A letter to British King George lll rejecting the request for open trade
  • China in 1793
  • The trade would be largely self sufficient

1798 Napoleon Invades Egypt

  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Napoleon invading Egypt so it can benefit them
  • Egypt
  • By seizing Egypt, France hoped to cut off British communications with India, its most valuable colonial holding.

1830s Famine and rebellion in Japan

  • The Emperor and the people of Japan
  • Tenpo Famine effected a large amount of people in Japan
  • Japan during The Edo Period
  • The famine was one of a series of calamities that shook the faith of the people in the ruling bakfu.

1833 Commissioner Lin

  • Lin Zexu a Chinese scholar and official
  • Commissioner Lin opposed of the opium trade
  • Qing Dynasty before First Opium War
  • Lin did not like what opuim was doing to his country and opposed the trade of it further leading to the first Opium War

1838 - 1842 First Opium War

  • People in the Qing Dynasty and United Kingdom
  • Conflicting viewpoints on diplomatic relations, trade, and the administration of justice for foreign nationals
  • In China during the Qing period
  • China was selling vast amounts of tea and porcelain to British merchants,but wouldn't accept trade goods in return,only money

1838 - 1876 Tanzimant reforms in the Ottoman Empire

  • Ottoman Empire
  • It was various attempts to modernize the Ottoman Empire and to secure its territorial integrity against nationalist movements
  • During the Ottomans Empire declining
  • The project was launched to combat the slow decline of the empire that had seen its borders shrink and its strength weaken in comparison to the European powers

1842 Unequal Treaties

  • Queen of Great Britain and Ireland and Emperor of China
  • Treaty of Peace to commerce a friendship between their nations
  • The treaty was signed in China
  • It was a treaty to mark the end of the Opium war which forced China to lower their tariffs

1850 - 1864 Taiping Uprising in China

  • Taiping Heavenly Kingdon and Qing Imperial forces
  • A massive Civil War or rebellion in China
  • Was fought in China
  • Hong Xuiquan a Chinese leader had been given a vision to overthrow the Qing Dynasty

1853 Admiral Perry arrives in Japan

  • Matthew Perry of the US Navy
  • Admiral Perry expedition to Japan
  • Located in Japan
  • Perry's goal was to explore, survey, and establish trade with Japan

1856 - 1856 Second Opium War in China

  • British Empire and Qing Dynasty
  • It was the failure to satisfy British goals of improved trade
  • Fought in China
  • Due to the Qing not complying with The Bristish request to improve trade and diplomatic relations

1860s - 1870s Self Stregnghting movement

  • Officials in the Qing Dynasty
  • A period of institutional reform
  • Late Qing Dynasty in China
  • After several European semi-colonisations, unjustified treaties to sell Chinese lands signed.

1868 Meiji Restoration in Japan

  • Emperor Meiji
  • It was a chain of events that restored practical imperial rule to Japan
  • Located in Japan
  • To restore practical abilities and consolidated the political system under the Emperor of Japan

1876 Young Ottomans

  • Ottoman Turks
  • A secret society established by Ottomans
  • Ottoman Empire
  • The Young Ottomans were dissatisfied with the Tanzimat reforms in their empire

1600 - 1850 Tokugawa Japan

  • Tokugawa Clan
  • Last feudal Japanese militaty government
  • Located in Japan during the Edo period
  • Dramatic changes take place within this ordered society, however, particularly those of commercial development

1882 Sick Man of Europe

  • European Country
  • A name given to European Country
  • Was used in th Mid-19th
  • If a Country in Europe is experiencing difficulties or impoverishment

1894 - 1895 Sino Japanese War

  • Qing Empire of China and Empire of Japan
  • First Sino-Japanese War
  • Fought in Korea, Manchuria, Taiwan, and The Yellow Sea
  • A war to see who gets control of Korea

1896 Ethiopia defeat of Italy preserves Independence

  • Ethiopian Empire and Kingdom of Italy
  • First Italio-Ethiopian War
  • Fought in Adwa , Ethiopia in Tigray
  • Ethiopia wanted to secure their sovereignty.

1899 - 1901 Boxer Rebellion in China

  • Qing Dynasty and 8 nation Alliance
  • A violent anti-foreign and anti-Christain uprising
  • During the end of the Qing dynasty
  • It was initiated by the Boxers and was motivated by proto-nationslist sentiments and opposition to imperialist expansion and associated Christain Military activity.

1904 - 1905 Russo Japanese War

  • Japan and Russian
  • Rival imperial ambitions in Manchuria and Korea
  • Fought at Manchuria, Yellow Sea, and Korean Peninsula
  • Russia denied the offer Japan have them and want to have it all to themselves

1908 Young Turks takeover in Ottoman Empire

  • Ottoman Turks
  • A political reform movement
  • During the early 20th century
  • The Turks favored replacement of the absolute monarch of the Ottoman Empire with constitution monarchy

1910 Japan annexes Korea

  • Lee Wan-yong Korean Empire
  • Annexation treaty
  • Korean Empire
  • Japanese commentators predicted that Koreans would easily assimilate into the Japanese Empire

1911 Chinese revolution ; end of Qing Dynasty

  • Qing dynasty and Revolution Alliance
  • China's last imperial dynasty
  • Fought in China
  • Established the Republic of China by overthrowing China's last imperial Dynasty