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The purpose of this communication is to share with all stake holders in the Coppell community the wonderful learning opportunities and products that the learners of this course are participating in. If parents, learners, or community partners have pictures please share them with us as well. You can follow us on Twitter at #boydbence @DanaeBoyd and @Janelle

This newsletter is for the 3rd Six Weeks 2015-2016. Zoom in on any image by clicking on it.

Slamming for a Cause: We Are a Culture of Change

This past six weeks our PBL was centered around this driving question, "How is language crucial to impacting a socio-cultural change in an ever changing world?"

The problem statement that the learners would use as a guide for the PBL was unique per class period but was very similar to this one, "How do we as young advocates perform poems at our own fundraiser so that we can motivate the audience in a positive way about crucial social issues?"

The learners began the PBL with an entry document that would be the advertisement for their event. The learners would create original poems and deliver them in the slam poetry style. The content would include culture elements and the learners would have their choice of focusing on a particular social cause for change in their assigned culture region. They would research these different cultures and learn about what are the elements of any culture and how cultures change over time.

Culture...who, what, where, when, and the why

Aid for Africa

Each group for the final product chose a charity that would benefit from donations that we would raise as a class. The charity had to support the people that live within the culture region they were assigned, support the social cause that they are writing their poem about, the charity must have a home office in the United States and be registered with the IRS as a 501C3 charity. The learners voted on which charity they wanted to support and they chose Aid for Africa which was sponsored by Daniel Larva and Juan Ruiz's slam poem.

Learner Creativity and Performance

Several learners collaborated on design ideas for the poetry slam t-shirt. North Star Screen Printing helped us with a super quick turn around on the shirts and low costs so that we could donate the remaining amount to Aid for Africa. The learners chose their performance partner for this final product and worked together to create and rehearse their performance. The learners competed for a spot at the evening event. Below is the program from the event. Congratulations again to those learners that were selected to perform, we are so proud of you! The following learners performed at the poetry slam event: Veda V., Zohra A., Reagan D., Joie L., Nathan C., Charlie J., Evan W. & Ethan W., Vishnu R., Camden C., Arezue S., Hannah B., Anika B., Blake D., Rikita P., Angelina W., Jensen T., Jill R., Oscar F., Justin M., Kristin K., Anika L., Daniel L., Juan R., Yamilca G., Isabella S., Taniel K., Nihant T., Andrea A., Kaitlyn R., Galilea H., and Sheila S. Our MCs Master of Ceremony for the evening were sophomores, Chris C., and Sean H.

The learners were successful in meeting their goal of $2,500 for Aid for Africa and were even able to exceed it.

Thank you Coppell Education Foundation!!

Learners Present for the UNA-USA Dallas Chapter

Several Rookies volunteered to present to the United Nations Association USA Dallas Chapter at their December board meeting. Each learner spoke about a particular piece of the Global Issues Summit which incorporated the newly adopted Global Goals from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and the value that they saw it the authentic learning. This presentation was a follow up to our Global Issues Summit. Thank you again to the learners that presented you did so well and the UNA-USA Dallas board was very impressed. Pictured left to right, back row Katelin R., Hope G., Ramisha H., Elizabeth F., Jensen T., Andrea A., Nihant T., Earl C., Maguire M., (front row) Anika B., Kristen K., Jill R., Zohra A., Anika L., and Fernando C. (behind the camera)

Prowess Awards 3rd Six Weeks

Advanced Placement and Pre-AP Global Issues Prowess Awards are for mind-blowing persistence and dedication to excellence within the Global Issues course.

1st Period AP pictured (left to right, back to front) Ethan W. , Evan W., Nahom H., Joie L., Elizabeth F., Charlie J., Hannah B., Arezue S., and Zohra A.

Advanced Placement Human Geography Practice Exam

Tuesday, March 1st, 8am

113 Samuel Boulevard

Coppell, TX

APHuG Learners must register for this free practice exam that will give them an indication of how they will do on the AP exam on May 13th and whether they want to make that investment. This is for AP learners only. There will be no makeup session for this practice exam, so please schedule dentist, doctor visits, etc... at another date/time. Thank you, Mrs. Boyd