3 American cities from video



We will go to New York, USA.

The reason why we want to visit there is because we want to see the Statue of Liberty.

The Statue of Liberty which France presented USA to commemorate 100th year of independence of USA.

Therefore this is one of the most universal symbols of freedom in the world.

There are variety of sightseeings like Time Square, Empire State Building and so on in New York.

And New York is America's biggest city, as center of industrial, trade and financial.

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What you will do?

We will ckeck-in at hotel LE PARKER MERIDIEN that the most exclusive and most elegant in New York.

And we will go to NORMA's restaurant to eat brunch.

NORMA's restaurant is a famous restaurant in New York.

We will order Upstream Eggs Benedict and Seared Rock Lobster and Asparagus Omelet.

And we will visit The Empire State building.

The Empire State building has 102 floors and is located on Manhattan, New York.


We will go to Las Vegas.

Because there is the city of tourism and gambling which called Lasvegas.

It's famous that gembling and sightseeing, biggest city in the state of Nevada.

Las Vegas Trip 2013 // FULL HD 1080p

What you will do?

We will check-in at the venetian hotel Bellagio.

This hotel was in the film "Ocean's Eleven," and is also famous for its "Oshow."

Everyday there is always a fountain show shown in front of the hotel Bellagio at a certain time.

British BBC picked up here as one of 50 places you have to visit before you die.


We will go to Florida.

Because Florida is sunbelt . So, very warm to enjoy the vacation.

Walk on Naples Florida Pier

What you will do?

Florida is also known for its amusement parks, the production of oranges and the Kennedy Space Center.

Florida is where America's space program all began.

Kennedy Space Center 50th Anniversary Video

And we will go to Clearwater Beach.

Clearwater Beach is well known for beautiful beaches.