Bad Taste in Boys

By.Cassie Surber

Bad Taste in Bugs

Author: Carrie Harris

Publisher: Delacorte Books For Young Readers

ISBN: 0385739680

Genre: Humor, Horror


2015 national book awards-young peoples reads


The book was amazing I don't want to give away the book but the main character is at a school and she one of the helpers of the football team for people who get hurt. She really likes on of the players but a weird twist to the book is she is a VAMPIRE. I highly recommend this book because it keeps you on your toes and it is a very good book. This book has a normal typical high school drama like most books. The drama is this book is slightly different because Kate is a vampire and tries to hide it but she is blood thirty and hungry for brains. She falls in love with a boy from the team and tries to hide it. Another thing about the book is its very funny they joke around a lot at the football game because Kate's brother is a mascot for the team and he embarrasses her a lot around her friends and family. Kate is a person with dark but very nice personality. She can be very deadly but also very calm and fun to be with. I wouldn't want to push her buttons you might be her next meal.