Merlin The Wizard

By: Alexis Delgado


My name is Merlin, I am by far the greatest wizard that ever lived. I have knowledge of numerous different futures. I am the prophet of the Holy grail as well as having knowledge of the one who shall pull the sword from the stone. My power is great and pure, I have advised Uther to create a round table of knightly fellowship and ensured him that the one I see will pull the sword out of the stone.

The Holy Grail

Arthur became very ill and his soldiers started to fight with each other and constantly argue. So in order to reunite the solders, Merlin send them out on a journey to find The Holy Grail. Merlin believes that this will be a great quest for the soldiers and a chance for them to become one again. The Holy Grail is a special cup that when drank from, it can cure any illness. So the soldiers set out to find the vessel in it's secret hiding place.

Sir Perceval is the one who finds the cup, he brings it back to Arthur. After drinking from the cup, Arthur is recovered from his fatal illness. Merlin is now ready to retire to the mysterious Grail Castle, where the relic is kept. He decides to let Perceval become the new guardian of the Grail, then he sets off to Avalon.

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Who Will Pull The Sword From The Stone?

Merlin advises Uther to create a round table and assures him that the heir will be revealed in time. He who pulls the sword from the stone, shall be the one who controls the throne. Merlin guided Arthur as a child and became his mentor. Eventually Arthur pulls the sword and becomes the heir to the throne.

Sources and Quotes

According to the medieval Arthurian legend Merlin was the real power behind the throne. The wizard took Arthur when he was still a baby, and secretly raised him to become Britain's unifying king.

In legend Merlin was not only depicted as a wizard but also a bard - a poet and writer of songs. In the Dark Ages bards were accredited with the gift of prophecy.

In legend Merlin was a wizard, King Arthur's mentor, and the guardian of the Holy Grail.

Glastonbury Abbey in the county of Somerset, England. In medieval times this was said to be the site of Avalon where Merlin spent his last days.