Corporate & Executive Services

The Year Ahead 2016

We have a big year ahead of us in 2016. Here's just a snapshot of our Corporate Services and Executive Services departments have planned for the year ahead.

Communcations will be...


Governance have a full year ahead with updates of the Caretaker Policy and Councillor Code of Conduct and reviewing postage and printing options (outsourcing) and the AV equipment in Council Chambers and meeting rooms.

Information Management will be rolling out ECM CiAnywhere to the whole organization and working with IT and TechOne to put Connected Content in place by the end of March.

In January Governance completed their rotation of VIBE, here are a few photos of IM taking advantage of some of the facilities.

Human Resourses

HR be commencing on line incident reporting with Roads and Construction, with other departments to be rolled out during the year.

(More wording to be inserted here)

Information Technology

IT's main focus for 2016 will be:

  • Cloud policy and strategy kicks off Monday 15 Feb

  • T1 Connected Content implementation

  • T1 CiA implementation

  • CDIS MCH Implementation

  • Kinder entitlement tender / Implement

  • Rollover SMDs for staff according to Vibe rotation

  • Test and start to deploy Windows 10 and Office 365

  • Setup WiFi for remote sites

  • Firewall replacement

  • Service desk tools