White Elephants News

BC Weekday

Dear Parents,

I think we all can agree that our week was a success. I also think it's safe to say that we all liked our " nap room". That being said, we are officially in room 109 for good.
Thank you for your patience and collaboration.
Since we now have more time with lights on, we played much more with our little ones. You will see it in the pictures below.

We loved the fact that all of you liked our modest Valentine's Day gift. Ms. Joni rocks!! By the way, we, the Teachers, appreciated our presents very much.
We had so much fun with Ms. Cindy this week. She prepared Valentine's songs for us. What a lovely time.

Ms. Priscilla will be out this coming week. She will be on vacation, God only knows where. Don't worry, Ms. Monica and Ms. Makeisha will take good care of our infants. Ms. Joni will also be there as always on Thursday. Ms. Monica is changing her phone, because of that we don't know her new number. Please don't hesitate to call Ms. Dani in case you need more information or communicate with any of our teachers.

Happy Valentine's day

Ms. Priscilla, Ms. Monica and Ms. Joni.