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Sparta's government was very unusual. They had two kings of the city. Their citizens were only men that were in the army. If the men got hurt and could not fight, they were not a citizen. Men were the only people that could be in the army. That means that women and children and elders were not considered citizens.


In Sparta the men were the ones who would go out and fight for the army. Women would not. Men who fought were considered citizens. The men wore a bronze helmet and a bronze breast plate. They had a spear for long range killing and they had a sword for short range, hand to hand combat.

Spartan's ate meat. They covered the meat in blood before they ate it. They did this for the protein. It gives them more muscle strength.

They women would stay in the village while the men were fighting. They would have to know some hand to hand combat encase anyone were to come to the village while the men were out fighting.

Young boys were forced to got to military camps. They were forced to go at young ages so that they could get really strong. They would make them sleep outside and make them go hand to hand combat on each other. They did not give the kids much food because the kids had to steal food. If they got caught stealing they were punished. They were punished because they got caught. Not because they were stealing.

Important buildings

  • Temple of Orthia Artemis
  1. Temple used to worship
  • Spartan Assembly Hall
  1. Meeting of Council of Elders and Assembly came together
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1. Battle of Thermopylae

  • They had 300 spartan's fighting
  • They were fighting a ton of other people
  • They did not win the battle
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5 interesting facts

  1. Only men could be in the army
  2. Only men could be citizens
  3. They ate meat with blood on it for protein
  4. Their armor and all their weapons were made out of bronze
  5. Young boys had to go to a military camp to toughen up