Theme: A new girl


Leo, is a teenager that started a tv show called Hot seat. Stargirl, is a girl who is never mean.   Kevin, &leo are freinds. Archie, loves bones, keeps all the bones he finds.

Kids Pick

My favorite part was when Stargirl led the bunny hop ,and Hillari Kimble slapped Stargirl. 

Figureative Language

Strong Verbs

I jumped in the family pickup and raced to the staduim. I bolted from the truck. Kevin was at the gate, windmilling his arm. See better up here,"he said, yanking me into the stands. Kevin was screaming onthe phone.

My Summary

I think it was about a girl and a boy that meet for the first time. Then they like each other,but got shunned. And finnaly she changed into Susan with makeup and earings.Then she leaves and Aichie leaves.

sources, cactus,sunsets,young love, pet rats, girl slapping a girl, stargirl the book and author.