Godart's Morpho

By: Cavender Hudgens

Morpho Godarti

Physical Description

  • The wing-span of the Godart's Morpho ranges from 7.5 centimeters to 20 centimeters
  • The Morphos have a blue, iridescent sheen on the top of their wings, with a mottled brown on their underside that allows them to use "flashing camoflauge"


  • The Morpho Godarti can be found in Peru and Bolivia
  • Can be found mainly in the rainforests canopies (though have been occasionally reported near the ground in clearings)
  • Found in neotropic zones

Feeding Habits

  • The Morpho feeds on fermenting fruit juices, body fluids of dead animals, and fungi using their proboscis
  • Fermented fruit juices will inebriate the butterflies, making them easier to capture

Life Cycle

  • Experiences complete metamorphosis
  • Four stages of complete metamorphosis: egg, larvae, pupae, adult