Wolfsville Elementary News

School Closure Updates for the Week of March 30th

Principal's Message

Dear Wolfsville Community,

It has been an unprecedented and unpredictable few weeks for our school community, county and nation. There is no guidebook how to handle a sudden world-wide pandemic, yet we have found ways to come together and support each other.

Due to social distancing measures schools have been closed through April 24th. While our building may be closed for students, learning is not! Wolfsville staff is committed to our students continued growth during this time through continuity of learning. Together we will embark on our distance learning journey beginning Monday, March 30, 2020.

What should you expect?

  • We plan to start small and help families build continuity of learning routines at home. Primary students will be assigned no more than 90 minutes of daily work and intermediate will be assigned no more than 120 minutes. At first, assignments might take half of this time. Our goal is for everyone to feel success!
  • You will hear from your child's teacher soon and they will upload school assignments on Schoology. Do not worry if you are not familiar with this platform. Many of our students have been using it throughout the school year and more information for you is below.
  • Specials and Mr. Tresssler will include activities weekly through this newsletter that will be no more than 10 minutes per day. You can complete theses activities as a family and choose which days/times you will access them.
  • At the start of each week during the school closure I will send a newsletter with information and helpful tips to ensure ongoing support through clear and consistent communication during this time.

Please join me and our entire staff as we embark upon this uncharted territory supporting each other. We will take things day by day and build on our successes. Please know, no one is in this alone and together we will rise !

Yours in Education,

Megan Stein, Principal

***Follow along our journey through distance learning and #thewolfsvilleway on Twitter @FCPS_WFES or linked on our school web page.

Video Check-Ins from our Staff!

Wolfsville staff wanted to check-in with their students and families to share a hello and smile. Click the link below and ENJOY!


Wolfsville Staff Contact Information

Below you will find a chart of all Wolfsville staff members for your convenience. As we embark on this new journey we want to ensure transparency and ease of communication with families. Staff members will be responsive to your needs within 24 hours. Some teachers may communicate times when they can be more immediately available. We appreciate your collaboration and feedback as we best navigate how to serve our students and their families!

Counseling Lesson for the week of 3/30

Hello Wolfsville Wildcats. It's me, Mr. T, here with his first attempt at distance learning! I miss you all so much so wanted to talk about staying connected with others. So here's one of my favorite books called Finkelhopper Frog to show how we can stay positive and stay connected!

Check out this video of Mr. T talking about staying connected even when learning from a distance.://youtu.be/SkD-5i1PVNY

Subscribe to Mr. T's Channel to see all of his latest school counseling videos at


Art Lesson for the week of 3/30

Art Lessons will have an overarching theme and be divided into a K-2nd and 3rd-5th format with opportunities for extension. Please feel free to adapt materials or art media if needed. Each lesson may include: art concepts, an artist or style of art, different art techniques and step by step instructions for the art project.

Create, relax and enjoy!

Any questions? Email me at heidi.hench@fcps.org

Art Lesson Here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1bztDAMc4RKb6g324TLFMfwQFLFyy09_DQqk_ZiaERPA/edit?ts=5e7dfdab#slide=id.g71f7adeec6_0_51

Media Lesson for the Week of 3/30

Creating a Culture for Reading

One important part of the Library Media Curriculum is Creating a Culture for Reading. Each week, I look forward to spending time in the library with students, as they select reading materials for personal interest and growth. We also spend time sharing and talking about our literature selections with each other to develop habits for lifelong reading. This week, I encourage you to apply these ideas at home.

Students will:

  • mindfully select and read from a variety of literature for personal interest and growth

  • engage with a community of readers using a variety of platforms

  • make connections from literature to real world experiences, reflect on the experience of others, and share new understandings

This week, use the following ideas to think about how you can create a culture of reading at home:

  • Talk about Books! Share your childhood favorites and listen to what books your child enjoys talking about

  • Do you have a special place at home for books or reading materials? Consider spring cleaning a bookshelf or creating a special place to store borrowed materials from the library

  • Bedtime Books - find a favorite story (or two) to keep on your nightstand or by your bed to read at the end of the day before sleep

  • Where else in the home do you engage in reading? Have you ever read food labels or a recipe with your child? What is the name of the toothpaste you use? Discuss other ways you are reading without even realizing you are doing it!

  • Lastly, spend time reading. Find online books on our Wolfsville Media Webpage or other great online resources from the Frederick County Public Library. (Their online storytimes are great!)

Here is a great online story from space that Penny and I really enjoyed! It’s called, Max goes to the International Space Station. It is read by an astronaut who is there in the video! Enjoy!

PE Lesson for the week of 3/30

Click this link to see a daily calendar for PE lessons: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rEGlsQ-p8YsoKgbaEU8RRb95ZwvML1AwHG4VeOyU36U/edit?usp=sharing

If you have any questions contact michael.jarboe@fcps.org.


Music Lessons for the week of 3/30

Hello Families!

As you go through the slides, lessons are divided into Primary (grades K-2) and Intermediate (grades 3-5). If you have any questions, please email me at melanie.raynor@fcps.org.

Slides: Music 3/30-4/3

Yearbooks are on Sale!

We will continue to sell school yearbooks and celebrate in the happy memories we made this year. Yearbooks are on sale starting at $19! Order your child's yearbook online today by using the following link: ybpay.lifetouch.com with the yearbook ID Code: 6844620. Online ordering will remain open until April 12th.