Visualizing with Tecnologies

Discovering Visualization Tools

What are visualization tools?

Visuals are powerful mediators of meaning making. We often have to visualize something in order to make sense for us and it is just very difficult to share those images, our ideas with others. Visualization tools helps us to visualize and share those images with others. Also, visualization tools can help us to learn difficult concepts.

Are You a Visualizer or a Verbalizer?

Some people prefer to process information by seeing through graphics, diagrams, or illustrations; visualization tools makes it easier for them to understand difficult concepts.

Others prefer to process information in words thorough reading and listening.

Weather you are a visualizer or a Verbalizer this visualizing tools can help you to better understand a difficult concept and to share your ideas with others in a much easier way.

Some Visualization Tools Are:

This and many other tools help us to reason and represent ideas visually without the artistic skills required to produce original illustrations.


This is a good visual tool that can be use in the classroom by students or by the teachers.
Introduction to Pixlr