William Sanford Nye

By:Sandra Gonzalez

Early Life

"Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't". Willam Sanford Nye is better known as Bill Nye or Bill Nye The Science Guy. Nye was born in Washington,D.C. on November 27 1995. Nye's parents both had something to do with the World War II his mom was a codebreaker while his dad was a vetran.

Early Education

When Nye was a kid Nye went to Layfayette Elementry and for Middle School Nye went to Alice Deal Junior High in the city. Quickly after, Nye got accepted to the private Sidewell Friends School and earned a scholarship, and Nye studied mechanical engineering in 1977 and one of his professors was Carl Sagan. Nye was a mechanical engineer at Boeing Company .


After that Nye became really noticed and got famous because he started a career on comedy but not any kind of comedy , science or educational comedy.So, Nye basically made science fun for kids and adults!And,everyone knew he got major success because he won 18 Emmy Awards for the show,Bill Nye The Science Guy.So thanks to Bill Nye for making science fun.
Bill Nye Injured on 'Dancing With the Stars,' Now in Crutches After Slip on Dance Floor
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Bill Nye The Science Guy on Outerspace (Full Clip)
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Bill Nye Explains Evolution with Emoji
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