C.E. King High School (Week 2)

From the Principal's Office

Having fun yet?

I hope so because congratulations are in order! We've all made it through the first week of school. I want to thank everyone for their flexibility last week. I hope you were able to learn a little about your students and begin to build relationships. Week 1 was eventful but overall went well. As we enter week two, please note that schedule changes are still occurring and we hope to have them finalized by the end of the week.

Information Station

Announcements and Celebrations!

1. SMART lunch is coming! Are you ready? Let's be sure to be where we are supposed to be for our students. Remember, we have about 650 9th graders that will need help understanding SMART lunch.

2. Tardies will count this week. At this point, students should be familiar with their classroom locations. Please be flexible with students who may be new to the school or had a schedule change to your class.

3. Academy Meetings for students will be this Wednesday and Thursday. We have decided to split them by grade level. It is there where they will receive student expectations, school accountability data, etc. If you have a single grade level class, please attend with your students.

4. The after school dinner program starts tomorrow 8/31/2015. We normally feed about 200 students before they go to practice or tutorials. This is an excellent program for our students and I support it whole-heartedly.

5. There will be a series of evacuation drills this week. These drills are mandatory per state law and the district's safety plan.

6. ANNEX TEACHERS.... Guess what???? A new copier is on the way! It should be here by the middle of September! Thanks for your patience as the campus and district administration worked together to get this done for our campus.

7. I have been in many of your classrooms and have already begun to see instructional strategies supporting 50/50 and Complete Sentences. Keep up the good work!