North Carolina

North Carolina is fun you should come!!!!!

Bye Jaden Chappell I well see you later.

The land was found in............................

1953 Because the wanted money so the sold tobacco and other things.

Why did they came to grow crops.........

  1. Because of the
  2. climate

  3. religion

  4. history

  5. raw material

  6. industries

  7. famous historical

  8. natural resources

  9. people associated because they knew it was a good place to crops and things like that.

Go Now you well have fun

Why would they sell so many things and not keep them for there self? Because they wanted money.

Fact 1.

Well North Carlina was the friest big city.

Fact 2.

Plantations are large farms that grow one main crop as a cash crop.

Fact 3.

This is want they have in North Carolina back then. Tobacco fields, Big house, Flour mill, Laundry, Stable, Vegetables, Slave quarters, Carpenter.

Well I told you what they did back then now you tell me what you think North Carolina. Well you would go to North Carolina Because it is awesome.