The U of C Student Caller Connection S17 V9

March 24, 2017

Joyous Spring Equinox to all of you :) I hope you're enjoying the warmer spring weather the 20th brought with it.

You have all been very busy this week and your efforts show! So thank you so much for all your hard work in speaking with Alumni and securing those pledges! Let's keep up this awesome work!

In This Issue:

  • Winter Fundraising Stats
  • Weekly Leaderboard Recognition
  • Lifetime Achievement Recognition
  • Caller of the Month
  • Shift Schedule
  • Protips Weekly
  • General Updates
  • From One Foodie to the Next
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Winter Fundraising Stats

Since February 16, you have raised…

  • $15,295.40 from 127 donations
  • $120.44 average and 75.6% gifts made on credit card!

Weekly Leaderboard Recognition

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  • We are very excited to recognize your achievements! These weekly updates shine a light on our top achievers across four areas and are counted with a minimum of 2 pledges and a minimum 50% CC rate. Congratulations to the above Callers on a great week!
  • If you see your name on the Leaderboard, think of some good tips or strategies to share with your peers during Pre-Call next week. These results reflect caller achievements between March 17-24.

Lifetime Fundraising Achievement

  • We have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful students over the years. The Annual Giving office is proud to recognize the outstanding contributions of student callers who have individually raised $10,000 or more during their time with the SCP.
  • Please congratulate SOPHIE OU YANG for being our most recent addition to the Honour Roll list with $10,100 in total dollars raised to date since fundraising with the SCP in September 2015!

Shift Schedule

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Caller of the Month

Congratulations to Danial, your peers have nominated you as caller of the month! They say you are friendly and helpful and always great whIle speaking with alumni!

Protips Weekly

A new weekly feature that brings you informative articles on tips and tricks for your professional development.

General Updates

  • The Basketball Women’s Team will be coming to use our call centre space to reach out to alumni! In the next shift scheduler (to be sent out on Monday March 20), you will notice two dates blocked for the team – March 29 and April 5. Sunday shifts will be made available on both weeks to make hours available to you.
  • Mid-semester coaching reports are coming on the week of March 27!

From One Foodie to the Next

Hungry? Tired of going to the same restaurants all the time? Feeling adventurous and wanting to try something new but have no clue where to start? We've got you covered! Every week we will have recommendations on yummy places that we would highly recommend visiting! Let us know what you think! And email scp@ucalgary.ca for places you want to suggest. Enjoy! :)

Sophie's Pick: Korean Village Restaurant

I got one of their BBQ sets and a Tofu Soondubu there and it was pretty good! Although the hot pots there aren't the best from what I heard, the meal I have was quite pleasant! They're also right next to a Korean fried chicken, bakery and a supermarket so it's a great location if you'd like to explore more Korean food and grocery options.

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Camille's Pick: Shiki Menya

What: Shiki Menya is a cozy Japanese ramen joint with a hip, modern, and trendy vibe. They make their noodles and broth from scratch, meaning that they can only serve a limit of 150 bowls a day - but that's what makes it special. They never fail to impress me with their unique creations of traditional ramen dishes with a modern twist.

Recommendation: Goma Mazemen

It is a low-broth peanut base ramen with the best pork belly which is such a harmonious experience

Where: 827 1 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E 0C3


When: 11AM - CLOSE (usually 1:30pm)

There is usually a line up at the doors at 10:45am and it closes whenever they run out of bowls. So come early!

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David's Pick: Shawarma Palace

Does anyone like shawarma? If you’ve answered yes, then definitely try out Shawarma Palace, and if you’ve said no, try it anyways and hopefully it’ll change your worldview on shawarmas!

Where & When:

  • Forest Lawn on 17th ave. (This is the one I go to, and it’s open until really late, like 4 AM late!)

  • Montgomery (10 AM – 10 PM)

  • Falconridge (10 AM – 12 AM)

Firstly, what is a shawarma? It’s meat (usually lamb, beef, or chicken) that’s placed on a spit and grilled for hours on end. It’s usually served either as a wrap, or on a plate. You have a lot of freedom on how you want your shawarma served – at Shawarma Palace you can include: lettuce, tomatoes, banana peppers, eggplant, parsley, cucumbers, onions, and/or pickled turnips on your plate or wrap.

While veggies are indeed nice and keeps you healthy, it’s not the defining aspect of Shawarma. The best part of shawarma is the sauce itself! At shawarma palace you can choose from a variety of sauces: tahini, sweet sauce, garlic sauce, hummus, and siracha. I recommend you to get all of the sauces (except siracha if you’re not a fan of spicy sauce), since when combined, they create a harmonious melody of amazing flavors to compliment your shawarma!!!

If you love shawarma then please check out Shawarma Palace, I personally consider it to be the best shawarma in town! If you’re interested but not familiar and find this whole shawarma business too overwhelming, then my personal recommendation and favorite is:

A mixed lamb & beef wrap, with veggies of your choice (Lifehack: I try to minimize my veggies so I can make more room for more meat), and extra sauce (all sauces, of course)!!!

Thanks for reading my preach on one of the wonders of the world known as shawarma everyone!

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Thanks and have a terrific weekend!