Religion in Ancient Rome

and its influences in today's society.

Christianity is the primary religion in both ancient Rome and in modern day America.

In public, the religion of ancient Rome was predominantly Catholic. In their homes, however, it was still paganistic in nature. The public, organized religion in Rome was similar to our Catholic churches and religions here in modern day America.

The Catholic Church was a big part of ancient Roman life.

The church goes back to about 30 A.D, to the life of Jesus Christ and his apostles. The Roman Catholic Church has influenced history more than any other organization. It exercised its power throughout the Middle Ages.


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Rome influenced religion in modern America as well.

The Pilgrims were like the ancient Hebrews. Moses led Israel on the Exodus out of Egypt to found a new nation in Canaan. It is roughly analogous to the Pilgrims on their errand into the wilderness* to restore God’s people in the “New Canaan.”

How religion originated

For the first thousand years of Christianity there was no "Roman Catholicism" as it's known it today, simply because there was no Eastern Orthodoxy or Protestantism to distinguish it. There was only the "one, holy, catholic church" (note: "catholic" means "universal"), affirmed by the early creeds, which was the body of Christian believers all over the world, united by common traditions, Christian beliefs, church structure and worship.
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