A Scoring Soirée

Expository Essay Calibration

6th and 7th Grade Language Arts Teachers

Tuesday, Dec. 3rd 2013 at 4:30pm

Library HJS

A Collaborative Calibration

Before you leave for Thanksgiving break, 7th grade students will submit their expository essays. You may want to take a sample home to try your hand at scoring. (A blind sample of about 15, a few from each class. Give your Reading cohorts the same amount to score as well.)

Then, when we return to school, we'll meet to discuss the rubric and calibrate our minds. 6th grade is invited to attend, because expository writing and scoring is a major piece of the foundation they are building for our 6th grade writers.

Here are our groups:

Ard - Mason - Jackson

Jimenez - Woodson - Bruce

Levine - Young - Mizell

8th grade is invited to join us for the pre-scoring portion!

Specific Roles

6th Grade Teachers will explore expository essay scoring by looking at the rubric and HJS student samples. (Bring some of your scored expository essays from 2nd six weeks.)

7th Grade Teachers will collaboratively score essays from 3rd six weeks during this session.

Tapas and beverages will be provided!

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