By: Jasmine Jones


What is a Rock? Well, a rock is the solid mineral material formed on the surface of the earth and similar plants and underlying the soil and oceans.


Environment of formation- Crystals form slow and form inside a volcano

Texture and Crystal size- Coarse and 1 mm to 10 mm

Vesicular or Non Vesicular- Non Vesicular

Color, Density, Composition- Light, Low, Felsic

Percent of each mineral present- Potassium feldspar- 25%, Quartz- 40%, Plagioclase Feldspar- 20%, Biotite- 10%, Amphibole- 10%

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Grain Size- 0.006 to 0.2

Composition- Quartz, Feldspar, Clay minerals, may contain other rocks and minerals

Comments- Fine to Coarse

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Texture- Foliated; Mineral alignment

Grain Size- Fine to Medium

Composition- Mica, Quartz, Feldspar, Amphibole, Garnet

Type of Metamorphism- Regional

Comments- Foliation surfaces shiny from microscopic mica crystals

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The Rock Cycle

The rock cycle- The rock cycle is a model showing how rocks and sediment change over time.
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