MARS Through Time

Forrest E Mars

Born in Tacoma WA on Mar 21st 1904.He was the father of John, Jacqueline and Forrest Jr. His occupations:MARS inc. and business person.He lived in NJ but died in miami FL in july 1999.He was 95 yrs and 4 months.In 1973 turned the company to his sons.HE never wanted to be in the spotlight and he was often called a recluse or eccentric. He is in the business hall of fame.He was also known for a bad temper.

The Foundation

Mars' father Frank mars started making candy out of there house in 1910,they soon after rented their first factory,they employed only 125 employees.Candy was sold 5-10 cts a piece.Since there was no refrigeration had 3 be made and shipped the same day.In 1920 the co. move 2 a larger factoryin Minneapolis called the Nougathouse.Soon after Mars changed their name to MAR-O-BAR.After the creation of the milky-way in 1923 sales increased from lees than 100,000 to more than 793,000,then the co. hired a full-time staff.          They dropped the name MAR-O-BAR and moved to chicago.chicagos railway allowed candy including the new snickers bar to go national.Then Forrest(the black sheep of the family)joined the business.In 1980 Frank gave Forrest the formula for milky-way and 50,000$ to start his own business,since issues beteen them could not be reconciled.       The first international branch had been made in europe.Forrest bought used equipment,got a small factory and 4 employees.           Frank died in 1934,soon after his sons merged both branches.In 1940 they joined partnership with Hershey and MArs stepped into the main meal business in the 1940's,with varieties of rice.Which became Uncle Bens and is now the top selling brand of rice in the world.           MARS now sell twenty billion dollars worth of candy and food annually.

The 5 principles

Quality:Consumer is boss,we do only quality work,value for money is our goal and we are dedicated to the highest quality.Responsibility:as individuals we demand responsibilty from ourselves,as associates we support responibilities of others.Mutuality:mutual benefit is shared benefit,a shared benefit will endure.Believe the standard by which business relationships should be measured is the degree to which mutual benefits are created.Efficenty:use resouces to the full,waste nothing,only do waht we can do best.Freedom:we need freedom to shape the future,need profit to remain free.