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Smore, Spotify, and a Host of Other Programs

8/20-21 Inservice: Getting started...

  • Create an account with SMORE.COM (it's free)
  • If you have a TWITTER account, log in (it's free)
  • Follow me @kingfmhistory
  • Visit SPOTIFY (it's free)


Consider adapting web-based SMORE flyer templates for your class

  • Grant students, parents, and colleagues access to Unit plans, warm-up activities, document-based writing prompts, flipped lesson notes, project descriptions and rubrics, sources for analysis, and lesson-related multimedia...
  • Engage students with interactive flyers featuring images, embedded video, podcasts, links, text, etc. tailored to suit the needs of your class.
  • Students may find Smore useful as an alternative presentation or portfolio format.

All flyers may be shared through a single link or tweet!

EXAMPLE: Unit Review for the Gilded Age

Add Spotify Playlists

Create and share playlists with colleauges and students... a free app is available for android, iphone, ipad, other tablets, laptops, and desktops. This program features less advertisements than Pandora and an in depth selection of artists new and old from all genres... music, speeches, and some audio books.

LAPTOP/PC/DESTOP = Free account grants ability to create playlists, share, etc. Users may also search and listen to specific artists and albums.

SMARTPHONE/TABLET = Free account equals access to radio stream of an artist (and similar artists). Users must have paid account to listen to, create, and share playlists.

EXAMPLE: Smores Featuring Spotify Playlists

Spotify Speeches & Audiobooks

iTUNES Music & University Audio Recordings (free)

Posting & Embedding Videos

At the moment, only Youtube, Vimeo, and Viddler are compatible with SMORE. If the video is a Youtube education video students will have access on all devices. If not, students will have access via their smartphones (3g, 4g LTE) and computers at home. The video library on Vimeo and Viddler is significantly lesser than that of Youtube.

EXAMPLE: Smore Featuring Video Clips

Youtube: Crash Course History

War & Expansion: Crash Course US History #17

Vimeo: Brief History of Rock N' Roll

100 Riffs (A Brief History of Rock N' Roll)


In addition to linking flyers on Edmodo, Schoolweb, or your web-based program of choice (with URL or embed code)... any flyer may be tweeted to students, parents, colleagues instantaneously. Don't have time to post it to Schoolweb or Edmodo? Deliver via tweet!

It SMORE works for your classroom, fantastic! If not, keep exploring and experimenting to find programs that will bolster your style of teaching and aid students in their learning.

King, A.

  • FMHS: US and APUSH
  • Feel free to share this presentation, re-visit, or contact if you have any questions. Have a GREAT year!